Alright...you’ve booked your headshot session, and you’re excited to see the end result. But you probably have one nagging question on your mind: What should I wear?

Rule No. 1: WEAR WHAT YOU LOVE! If you don’t feel great wearing it, leave it at home! If you follow these simple rules, you’ll feel confident and comfortable on the day of your shoot.
Simple is best. Keep in mind we want attention to go to you/your face, not your clothing or accessories/jewelry.

2. Solids work best. Avoid shirts or jackets with herringbone, checkers or other similar patterns. They create a visually unattractive effect called moiré that is hard to retouch properly.

3. Avoid shirts or jackets with large stripes.

4. Avoid plain white if possible, unless paired with a jacket or other layer. Solid white does not photograph as well as colors. Solid vibrant, or middle tone colors with a simple neckline are best.

5. For women, avoid sleeveless/short sleeves, or bring a jacket or cardigan to wear over your top. Bare arms draw attention away from the face.

6. Please keep any jewelry understated and as simple as possible. All attention should be on you, not your jewelry. Avoid patterned scarves, as they draw attention away from your face.

7. Makeup: If you didn't book a makeup artist for your session, please come camera ready. Makeup should be light, natural and fresh looking. Makeup with SPF in the formula is a no-no if you want to avoid a white cast under the eyes. 
No heavy eye shadows or liners – these tend to not translate as well into headshots as one might think. If you plan to use foundation try to stay away from powders which can give a caked look in the camera. A liquid foundation that leaves your skin refreshed looking is the way to go. Bring your makeup bag should you want to touch-up in between looks.


8. Shoes Aren’t Important​ ​- In most cases, your headshots will be taken from the waist up. Therefore don’t put too much energy into choosing the perfect shoes or pants for your outfit.

Day-Of Tips: 
1. Try It on Before Your Session –Make sure the fit is great and you feel comfortable.
2. Make Sure It’s Clean and Pressed – Wrinkles are a distraction in photos.
3. Bring it on Hangers – If you feel your clothes will get wrinkled, then bring them on hangers to keep them looking crisp. You can change here.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.