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The Headshot That Has It All

The best headshots look effortless and easygoing. The subject comes across as confident and charismatic, and there’s just something about their appearance that’s incredibly eye-catching. Flip through LinkedIn and you’ll see the best and the busts.

A Winning Combination

Is it the work of the photographer or the person themselves? In the best case scenario, it’s a combination of both. Headshots with that “special something” have a quality that’s both professional and full of personality. This balance is what’s so appealing and attractive. A good photographer knows how to achieve this result, and an enthusiastic subject will follow their cues before saying, “Cheese!”

“Window” Shop

Before choosing your headshot photographer, peruse their portfolio. You’ll know instantly if they’ve got the skills to pull out the personality in their subjects, while maintaining that professional touch. If their photos draw you in and you pause on each one, they’re doing something right.

Ready When You Are

Just because you’ve selected a stellar photographer doesn’t mean you can just show up, sit there, and expect a miracle. Your participation in the process is just as important. You’ll want to be in the right frame of mind, dress the part, and count on some tried-and-true techniques to enhance your presentation.

Your photo session’s success starts before you leave home. Style your hair suitably, wear minimal, fresh-looking makeup, and dress in sharp, solid colors that compliment your skin tone. Hold onto your sense of style, but don’t go overboard in terms of patterns or prints, brand logos, or anything sparkly. Steer clear of over-accessorizing. It’s your face that’s the star of the show, so let it shine.

Posing And Positioning

A seasoned photographer will know how to catch your best angles and attributes. From your facial expression to minimizing the “double chin” dilemma, they’ll work with your unique traits so that your features look their finest.

Be it “tricks” to make your eyes pop or getting you to relax enough to get that genuine subtle smile, your photographer will use their talents to talk you through the shoot. Not only is experience with the camera equipment important, but their proficiency in psychology may be even more useful. When the subject feels comfortable having their photo taken, the photos get closer to perfection. Expect some interaction beyond the shutters and snapshots.

Final Word

You want to look natural and like you’ve got it going on. Prospective employers and those in your field will see your headshot and have no hesitation that you’re on the ball and mean business. Go get ‘em and good luck!

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