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Does your dog need a headshot?

Your pet may be your pride and joy, but chances are, unless he's headed for Hollywood, he doesn’t need a headshot. Take all the pics you want of your four-legged friend, but save the headshots for humans.

As for you, your face is the “bait” that captivates prospective employers and clients and connects you with co-workers. Hook ‘em in with a headshot that reflects your personality, professionalism, and power.

These 7 reasons why you ought to get a headshot will convince you (and man’s best friend) that the investment is worth the rewards.

1. It’s Your Good-Looking “Greeting”

Your photograph is a visual “hello,” whether posted on your LinkedIn profile or sent along with a resume. Use this professional shot on social media too. It captures your essence and engages viewers.

2. Get More Views

LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots are viewed 21 times more than those without one. Be seen by those who matter by standing out from the pack. It’s a bright way to boost your business savvy.

3. Your Amateur Pics May Be Inappropriate

It’s fun to share photos from your beach vacation on Instagram, but using your cropped-out pina colada pic as your go-to for all online use isn’t going to cut it. A pro shot is far more sensible.

4. Perhaps Your Only “Meeting”

These days, in-person interviews and conferences are not like they used to be. If you don’t “Zoom,” it’s all about phone calls and email. Put a face to your name with a headshot that holds its own.

5. Show Off Your “Good” Side

A professional photographer works all the angles to bring out the best in you. There’s beauty in every face, and with an eye for aesthetics, your photographer will snap a star-worthy shot that speaks volumes.

6. “Brand” Yourself

Become the total package with a pro headshot to pair with your talents and skills. A full picture of your personality comes to light with a photo that goes along with your other amazing attributes.

7. A Reason To Ramp Things Up

Whether you’re stuck in a so-so job, out of work altogether, or gearing up for that potential promotion, get the ball rolling with a fresh photo that screams success. You’ll be eager to excel when you see your own smile staring back at you.

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