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A Fresh Face For A Fresh Start

Perhaps you were laid off from your job due to the COVID pandemic or took this “time out” to reevaluate your career path. Either way, it’s time for a new beginning, and your road towards success will be a lot smoother when you start off on the right foot.

As eager as you may be to forge forward into the workforce, it’s important to prepare and plan. First you’ll need to review (and possibly redo) your resume, and in today’s age, this means a professional headshot to go along with it. Modern times require a revamp of the resume of yesteryear, so get on board with what’s expected.

A headshot provides a connection which only improves your chances for consideration. It helps you stand out and show off your personality. With a face to go with the name, you’ll make an impression, hopefully an impact.

When it comes to getting a decent headshot, go with a pro. Sure, your buddy may be good with his iPhone, but this photo isn’t for your Facebook friends. A professional headshot won’t break the bank, and it’s an investment in your future. Just like you’d buy a new suit or get a fresh haircut for an interview, this photo is part of the prep for your career journey. Keep in mind, LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots are viewed 21x more than those without, so boost your chances as the “plain” profiles get passed over.

Speaking of interviews, these days, they may not even be in-person. That’s another reason why your headshot is so necessary. Gone are the days of handshakes and eye contact. Remote work is not only a pandemic thing, but a widespread “new normal” for many industries. It offers more opportunities for people near and far, opening the job market no matter where you are. Let your headshot be your “hello” to companies from coast to coast.

Find a photographer in your area who’s well-respected and comes highly recommended. Ask around, look online for reviews, and do your research. If you see someone’s LinkedIn profile and their headshot catches your attention, find out who snapped their photo. If you’re in the New Jersey area, check out Toron Photography. Otherwise, stay local to where you are and you’re sure to match up with a photographer who can capture your essence and vibe.

Keep it simple, sensible, and smart. You can pepper in your personality through the twinkle in your eyes, your welcoming smile, and your choice of styling.

Your headshot will help you get hired. Good luck as you embark on this exciting adventure.

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