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7 reasons to be like Christina and hire a professional headshot photographer

When I scroll through LinkedIn, I’m sometimes stopped by a person’s profile photo … because it’s so bad. I’ve seen everything from obvious selfies, to vacation photos where the person is wearing sunglasses and a hat, to personal photos with the ex cropped out.

Then, there are the people like Christina, who know the secret to marketing themselves with a stellar profile photo. How? Christina hired me, a professional headshot photographer.

You see, Christina understands that on social media, and especially on LinkedIn, you have just a few seconds to make a good impression. In fact, some research shows you have exactly 8 seconds.

She knows that a professional photo that mirrors her personality, brand and industry builds her credibility. And she knows that if her photo doesn’t let her shine, it’s easy for someone to move along.

Here are 7 reasons for hiring a professional headshot photographer like me

1. Your photos will be technically correct. I know, everyone carries a camera in their pocket today. But just because you can take a photo doesn’t mean you should. A great headshot uses professional lighting techniques--either with flash or natural light. It’s sharp as a tack, and the color is pleasing. Shadows and highlights are placed intentionally. In fact, intention is the name of the game here.

2. You’ll be on brand through wardrobe assistance. I’ll provide you with a “what to wear” guide to give you advice about colors, patterns and styles to wear and to avoid.

I’ll also discuss your brand with you--whether you own your own business or you’re working in corporate--then advise you about specific outfit ideas. For example, if you work in an industry where suits are too much, it makes no sense for you to wear a suit in your headshots.

3. You’ll look confident because you’ll feel confident. I’ll tell you the truth: Most people don’t enjoy having their photo taken. I get this, and I will take the time to allow you to settle in, to build trust between you. I’ll also help break down barriers that keep you from being “present” in your photos. The more you show up energetically and emotionally at your photo shoot, the more you will in your photos.

4. You’ll look photogenic. Another truth: Many people also say they never look good in photos. As a headshot photographer who has had more than 2,000 people in front of my camera, I’m an expert at coaching you throughout your photo shoot while creating a technically excellent photo. That means showing you how to pose from the tilt and angle of your head to the placement of your hands. I help you with facial expressions--one thing people get really nervous about. These little details are the difference between a photo that gets the job done and a photo that makes people pay attention to you.

5. You’ll see your photos in real-time, with lots to choose from. My studio is set up so that your photos are transferred to my computer as I take your picture. That gives us the opportunity to make tweaks to poses, wardrobe, and expressions in real-time. You’ll also be able to select your final photos at the end of your photo shoot or from an online gallery if you need more time to decide. And don’t be surprised if you come to your shoot expecting to like one photo--maybe--and then find yourself in love with a half-dozen. It happens all the time.

6. Your photos will be retouched. Yes, I know that FaceTune App is a thing, but everyone knows when you’re using it. Professional headshot retouching focuses on the details, like cleaning up under your eyes, removing blemishes, or whitening teeth. It doesn’t change the way you look, just polishes your photos to a professional standard. After all, you want potential employers and clients to recognize you when you’re sitting in front of them.

7. You’ll receive professional-quality digital files saved to look great in print and on screen. The only thing worse than finding out your new headshot file size is too big to upload or email is finding out that it’s pixelated and looks terrible when you upload it. I’ll provide you with formats and sizes that work for each need you have. You’ll receive low-resolution, web-optimized photos for your social media profiles, and high-resolution, print-optimized photos for printing.

So what are you waiting for? Be like Christina, and make your profile stand out from the rest with a professional headshot.

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